Bingo Is a Great Fundraiser

School and organization fundraisers commonly turn to games in order to raise money. Bingo is one such fun fundraiser that is not only unique but also profitable. There are not too many people who do not enjoy a good game of bingo that gives them the chance of winning a prize. This is why bingo is considered to be a big hit, no matter what the purpose is for trying to raise money. Even better, it does not take a large investment in order to put together a bingo fundraiser.

Setting Up a Bingo Night

Bingo fundraiser nights are fairly simple to set up. All that is needed is a room of adequate size as well as tables, chairs, bingo supplies and a volunteer to act as the caller. Of course, it is essential to guesstimate the number of people who will be attending the event before deciding where the fundraiser should take place as well as the amount of supplies that will be needed. Also, a price per card or even a set price for unlimited game play as well as the prize should be established before advertising the fundraiser.


After the event coordinator finds the right place in which to host the bingo night, they need to concentrate their efforts on advertising. Obviously, no one will show up to the event unless they know about it and advertising is the only way to generate interest. An effective way to get the job done is via a press release that explains why the money is needed and what the prizes are for the winners. Other marketing supplements can include fliers, banners and posters. If the organization or school has their own website or blog, the event details can be posted there.

Finding Supplies

Party stores are the ideal places to locate affordable bingo supplies. Those who are on a tight budget should consider making their own cards. Many websites provide cards that can be printed. If one decides to print their cards instead of buying them, be sure to laminate them in order to make the cards durable. Of course, the amount of cards needed will depend on the number of expected guests; it is always best to print or purchase more cards than necessary in case of an unexpectedly large turnout. A tumbler and plastic bingo balls with number/letter combinations are also needed for game play. Party stores can supply per-printed balls are one can buy ping-pong balls and mark the combos themselves.