Roulette Stories to Remember

Roulette is a classic game that has entertained adult gamers for generations. It has been made famous by various movies that have featured the exciting game of chance, but many casual players or observers may not realize that there have also been a variety of real life roulette exploits that have been movie worthy in their own right.

Back in 1873 a British gambler named Joseph Jaggars managed to earn over $325,000 in Monte Carlo by analyzing the wheels and finding one with a significant bias. Back in the 19th century that was quite a substantial sum of money, so the players and the winnings attracted quite a bit of attention. A few years later in 1891, another Englishman named Charles Wells became “The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo” when he won all the available money at the roulette tables he played at over the course of several days.

Over one hundred years later in 1992 the Polish politician claimed to have won the equivalent of $175,000 playing the game, although many did not believe his explanation for the extra income, seeing as how the house maximum was $100,000. Just over a decade later, however, in 2004, Ashley Revell of London made headlines again for the Brits by selling all his possessions and placing a single bet on the Roulette game and doubled his money. These gamblers just more firmly demonstrate that roulette is a game of chance, but when the chance falls in favor of the gambler, some enormous profits can be made.


Play Roulette with Virgin Games

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Players can also elect to play automatically by selecting ‘instant’, which allows them to see the results without having to wait for the spin to actually be simulated. They can also double their bets from previous rounds with a single click. All of these perks come while still being confident that results are as automatically generated as though the wheel was being spun in a live casino. The players can begin to play with bets as small as 1 pound and they can bet as high as 1,000 pounds, so there is plenty of room to play from the most tentative novice to the most gutsy and experienced gambler.