Speed Bingo – Pros and Cons

A lot of online bingo websites have a new type of bingo game added to their list–speed bingo.  Speed bingo games call one new number every second, causing these games to reach their completion in no longer than one minute after they commenced. Even though the playing time is small, the jackpots are not. And because online bingo websites now have speed bingo in addition to 75 and 90 bingo, traditional players are coming online in droves. This has also caused an increase in affiliate marketing and advertising.

Effects on Playing Habits

Many people believe that speed bingo will have an influence on the way players engage in online bingo games. Even though online bingo has relieved a lot of the pressure of finding time experienced by those who used to play bingo in actual halls, in today’s busy world, many players still do not have the time to play, even online. Since speed bingo last less than half the time of regular online games, more players will have a chance to get some gaming time into their day.

Effects on Socializing

The main concern about speed bingo is its effect on the chat room functions of online bingo websites everywhere. The fear is that players will become completely wrapped up in the swiftness of a speed bingo game, causing them to forget about the chat rooms altogether.

Of course, the pros and cons of speed bingo are yet to be seen as speed bingo is still a relatively new game. One fact is for sure, speed online bingo games will definitely play a part in changing the way people play and enjoy online bingo as we know it. No matter how fast speed bingo may be, software creators will continue to find ways to increase the overall speed of the game.