Can your star sign predict whether you win the Lottery?

Some people firmly believe that luck has a part to play in winning the Lottery. If you are one such person, you will no doubt be interested to hear about a study by Virgin Games, which suggested some star signs are luckier than others.

Aquarius is the luckiest star sign

The online gaming company analysed a database of its 50,000 players who have had a win of over £1,000 to measure whether the date you are born has any bearing on your ability to hit the jackpot. According to the company, Aquarius is the luckiest star sign there is, with the largest number of people born during the dates of the star sign – the end of January to the end of February – winning money.

Those whose birthday falls under Libra may be disappointed to hear that they have the unluckiest star sign, with the least amount of people born at this time winning over £1,000. So, Aquarius is the luckiest sign of the zodiac, then in descending order there is Capricorn, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Cancer, Leo, Aries, Pisces, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Libra.

Astrologer reassures players that luck can change

Anyone who is disheartened by this news should not give up playing the Lottery, as, according to astrologer Russell Grant, things can change. Speaking in an interview with International Business Times, Mr Grant said: “All signs have the potential for being lucky and as the planets are constantly moving, people will move in and out of lucky phases.”

Improving your odds by joining a Lottery syndicate

The big question is, what can you do to improve your odds? Well, statistics show one in four Lottery jackpots are won by groups, so it may be worth joining a syndicate at work or setting one up with a group of friends.

You will be able to buy more lines between you as part of a group, which means you get more chances at hitting the jackpot big time. Russell Grant suggests there may also be some lessons to be learnt from looking at which star signs are lucky.

He notes that “all the more cautious Earth signs: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo are in the top five lucky signs,” and the “more impulsive” Fire signs – Leo, Aries and Sagittarius – can learn lessons from this.

Grant suggests these less cautious signs could learn to “curb their impulsiveness, work out the odds, take calculated risks and pause and watch for the next good opportunity”.

Perhaps then, these people would be wise not to go it alone, but to join a syndicate and get more lines for less, thereby increasing their chances of winning.

Multiple lines work for one lucky Lottery syndicate member

Certainly buying more tickets worked for one grandmother from County Down in Northern Island who bagged £1 million after she bought extra tickets for her family syndicate.

Maire McKibbin explained that she would normally buy five tickets for the group every week, but decided to purchase an additional five at the last minute, and it was that decision that bagged her and her family syndicate £1 million.

It is unknown what star sign Ms McKibbin is but it’s certainly true that for her, throwing caution to the wind and living by the adage ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’ worked out.  She is also a fine example of how playing in a syndicate can help you to win by making it cheaper for all involved to buy more tickets.