Online Bingo Popularity On the Rise Due to Smoking Ban

Who would have thought, that the smoking ban policy that was implemented in the UK and came into force a couple of years ago, would have such a negative impact on land based bingo hall operators and such a tremendous and positive impact on all the bingo sites in the UK.

Without shadow of a doubt, players who visited their local bingo clubs to enjoy their favourite pastime along with their friends, loved the fact that they could have a couple of pints of beer and have a smoke at the same time. The opportunity was a great excuse to get out of the house, catch up with your bingo buddies, socialize and make some money in the process. But all of that changed when smoking was banned in all enclosed public places that has resulted in the biggest fall in smoking in Britain.

But that wasn’t the only thing that saw a big fall, bingo hall managers observed that slowly after time, most of their patrons stopped coming to play bingo and even use their facilities to socialize. Having to step out in the cold to have a smoke and miss out on some of your favourte bingo games was never going to be the ideal solution. That is when a lot of patrons discovered that they could play a huge array of online bingo games from their comfort of their own house by joining one of the many UK bingo sites.

At the same time, more and more operators decided to move their operations on the internet, trying to make up for lost income. As the popularity of online bingo has grown over recent years, so has been the different methods employed  in order to attract bingo players. The no deposit bingo bonus offer has been one of the many new additions that has helped new bingo sites lure players away from their competition.