What you could do with £1m

We all dream of hitting the big time and enjoying a windfall – imagine being able to give up work and travel the world, or getting the house of your dreams?

Or for the more realistic and sensible out there, a lottery win or huge jackpot from a UK online bingo site means you can finally start your own business and become your own boss.

Here are some ideas of how £1 million could change your life.

Start your own business

If you’ve always dreamt of being your boss then finalise your business plan and embark on the first step to making your own company a reality. There’s no sense in wasting the money just because you have it and with a generous amount of capital, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make a good go of it. Just make sure you genuinely have a good idea.

Bingo Jackpot


You can make a significant amount of money by investing it, but learn the financial ropes before you make a commitment. Diversify your portfolio and make sure you have a cap on risky investments – if you don’t know what to do allow experts to manage your investments for you.

Also consider safer routes to return on investment – such as a retirement plan, time deposits, certificates or a promising start up.

Bucket List

If you have a bucket list, now’s your chance to work your way through it. With £1 million from a bingo or lottery win you can do a lot – see all the Wonders of the World or go to the major fashion capitals and pick up some new designer clothing from each.

Or maybe you’d prefer to live life on the edge and swim with sharks or bungee jump in New Zealand?

Plan for the future

It’s nice to dream of splurging £1 million on something you would never be able to do without that sort of cash, but of course, you could always be sensible.

Invest in your future – perhaps with a car, towards your dream house or your children’s education. All of these things are worthy of a cash injection and you can be sure that not a penny
will go to waste.

Get hitched

Have you found The One but not had the cash to propose or plan your wedding yet? Then add your £1 million bingo winnings to the wedding and honeymoon pot to make sure the finer details are just as you imagined them to be – beautiful table displays, exotic flowers and a paradise holiday afterwards are now yours.

Tickle your tastebuds

Introduce your tastebuds to some new and unusual flavours that you might not be able to try without a generous helping of cash.

Wagyu beef, for example, comes all the way from Japan and is famed for its exceptional quality – at a couple of hundred pounds for one fillet, you’d expect it. Of course, caviar and the best champagne should be tried too.


A cool £1 million will go a long way to getting the house of your dreams – whether a country cottage complete with swimming pool and tennis courts or a penthouse in London, your cash can go a long way.

How about splitting it between two properties, with one in the UK and another villa as a sunny escape during the long, cold winters?