How to Make your Bingo Budget Last

Bingo can be an incredibly fun pastime – but as with most things in life, there’s a cost involved and as with any form of gambling, it’s vital to keep the cost under control and to spend only money you can afford to lose. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help you make your bingo budget last and reduce the amount of times you dip into your wallet (or purse).

Look for a No Deposit Offer

Some bingo sites offer no deposit bonuses to use on their bingo games.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to check out the website before you decide to spend any of your own cash.  It’s typically only a small amount – but it’s more than enough for you to get a feel for the site, and to establish whether it’s one that suits your needs.

Make the Most of the Welcome Package

Often the welcome package is the most significant offer you can expect from a site, so it’s a good idea to make the most of it.  If you have excess cash that you can afford to spend, you’ll probably get the best value for money if you spend this on your first deposit thus qualifying for the welcome package.  Many bingo brands will reward their players with ‘free’ spins on slot games as part of the welcome package – this can be highly rewarding and these types of sites are worth looking out for – just remember to read any T&Cs relating to the welcome offer first.

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Mobile Casinos

Online casinos have firmly established themselves as a popular source of gambling entertainment. The recent growth in their popularity has been attributed to the spread of high speed internet into homes and of course the fact that more homes have computers. But these days the desk top computer is being replace with the laptop and even those are losing out to the new smart phone market that has made our phones better computers than the desktops we had a few years ago.

The gambling market is keeping up with this technology boom and many online casinos offer mobile gaming applications. These applications provide some of the most popular online games optimized to run on a mobile phone or smart phone so that players can play everything from poker to slots on their phone.

Now on many casinos the mobile casino works as a separate entity from the regular online casino, meaning that the mobile casinos often have their own bonuses and deposit offers to encourage you to play. And to help conserve space on your mobile phone, you’ll usually only download an app and you are good to go!

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Taking a look at slot myths

They’re still out there. The slot myths that everyone hears and that we’re told to pay attention to when playing. Of course, most of us don’t believe them and some of them are just too strange for me to really take seriously. But there are a couple that still seem to affect how people play and a few that shows that most of us really don’t grasp the process of random numbers. Many of these are tied to love casinos, but since they reflect our grasp of the UK Slots themselves, I’m going to take a look at them too.

You step away from a machine and the person who takes your place wins the jackpot. It would have been yours if you just stayed there. That’s a myth that’s sometimes hard to get players to see because it seems to make more sense than the truth. Let’s take a look at blackjack. You leave a seat and someone sits down and wins a hand. Yes, if you’d stayed in that seat, you would have been dealt those cards because the dealer is pulling from a deck that doesn’t move around between each draw.  Slot games work more like the dealer threw the deck into the air and randomly plucked cards as the fell. See, the RNG or Random Number Generator for a slot game randomly generates the spin when the button is pushed. So, even if you’d stayed where you were, you’d have spun a second before or after the other player and the RNG would have generated a completely different and random result. Which brings me to …

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White labels: A worthwhile way into the bingo market?

One of the main reasons behind the rapid increase in the number of new brands entering the bingo market is the low cost associated with brand conception and launch.

There are now two main ways in which a brand can launch; these are by becoming a stand-alone operator, either using hired, purchased or proprietary software. Or, by becoming a white label partner on an existing network.

The latter option costs peanuts in comparison to the first and some networks are so eager to expand that they are willing to allow a partner to start a new skin (branded theme) for free!

With the low costs associated it is easy to see why many rush into launching their own bingo brand. The added bonus of being part of a network is the low running costs; partners seldom have to worry about staffing issues, interaction with customers or licensing. In most cases a partner’s role is confined to marketing the brand, although it can prove worthwhile for partners to run their own promotions and competitions.

Unfortunately, this is where the troubles begin. With over 350 bingo sites in the UK, it is impossible to overstate the ferocity of the competition. It is also difficult for an outsider to comprehend the depth of the pockets of the big brands.

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Mobile Bingo World

There are so many bingo sites out there these days, that it can be hard to choose amongst them! It’s important for you to explore a little so you can find the best fit for you! There are tonnes of different software providers, features and games out there for you to test out and if you are lucky you can also bag yourself a cheeky no deposit bonus so you can check it out for free. Not only that, but there is all kinds of new bingo variations at newly developed bingo operators that are definitely fresh and exciting. The bingo world is your oyster!

Different Bingo Bonuses

You will be thrown all kinds of bonuses when you first join new bingo sites, so we thought we would give you the lowdown on what to expect! First up is a free no deposit bonus which you can get after simply registering with the brand. Then there is the welcome bonus, which is generally the largest bonus you will get from any operator. They can vary from a 100% treat which will double your first deposit or they can go up to a whopping 500% at some sites.

There are a lot of sites out there that offer free bingo. First thing to look out for is whether or not you need to be a funded member or not to enjoy this perk. In terms of winning real cash from playing for free, this varies from site to site. Often you will find that the prize is in bonus funds which isn’t withdrawable cash, so you need to continue to play it on the site and other time it can be real money. You generally have to meet some wagering requirements before withdrawing winnings.

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Advantages of Playing Free Bingo Sites

There are many free bingo sites around but some people have never played them. There are some who feel that it is not worth playing if there is no chance of winning a cash prize, but a lot of people do play on the free bingo sites and get a lot of pleasure form them. In fact there is a selection of advantages of playing these sites over playing on paid sites.

The obvious advantage is the fact that you can play even if you cannot afford it. Some people just cannot justify spending money on playing games like this but by playing a free game they can still have all of the fun of bingo without the expense of having to pay for the cards. If you have a budget for playing bingo, then you will be limited in how long you can play the paid games for but you can still experience the fun of bingo without having to pay any more money.

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A new casino’s secret weapon to double your fun – and money

Are you feeling like you’re stuck? What a horrible feeling! When we feel stuck it’s hard to move forward. But when we suspend the worries of the day and go back to having fun, good things happen. Once you’ve been away from problem for a little while, it gets easier to solve it. You’ve got to make sure that you’re giving yourself enough time, but the fun at Pocket Vegas should be more than enough to keep you occupied, at least for a time. You see, once you head over to one of the popular online casinos, you’ll see a great way to double your fun as well as having the potential to increase your cash.

See, everyone has losses from time to time. But did you know that Pocket Vegas gives you a chance to get a percentage of your losses back? It’s a sneaky and interesting way to take a day filled with losses into a day filled with victories. After all, you only need a couple of slot spins in order to get a big payday, if luck is on your side again.

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Is Mobile Bingo dangerous?

There are many people that like to play mobile bingo but there are some people that think that it is a not a good thing to do, with some even saying that it is dangerous. Obviously there are situations where doing anything on a mobile device could be dangerous, such as when you are driving or doing anything that takes close concentration. However, saying that mobile bingo is dangerous may seem like rather an exaggeration. There are reasons why people may say this though but they do not apply to everyone.

Gambling addiction

There is still some doubt as to whether it is possible to become addicted to gambling or not. Normally an addiction has been associated with a chemical and physical dependency and there is no chemical dependency in gambling although some researchers argue that the adrenaline could be considered to be the chemical. Even if it could be argued that some people are addicted this does not mean that everyone will necessarily get addicted to it. It is important to remember that there are many people that play mobile bingo for fun and are not addicted to it.

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How to have the most fun when Playing Bingo

There are many people that play bingo for fun and if you play you will have an idea of what this is like. However, there may be things that you could do to make it even more fun to play. Below is a list of things that you could try out which could enhance your playing experience even more.

Pay to play

There are many people that do not pay to play mobile bingo but just play free games. However, if you pay to play then you have the chance to win some money back again. For some people this can make the game very much more exciting and therefore they will enjoy it more. It is worth considering how much you want to spend and look for bingo sites where you can pay the amount for games that you feel comfortable with. You could end up winning a great cash prize.

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Playing Free Bingo with Friends

There are people that think that mobile bingo does not compare to a bingo hall because there is not the socialising that goes with it. However, it is possible to get all of the fun of socialising with your friends as well as playing bingo online. You can even play free bingo no deposit if you do not have enough money to pay. You may find that the free games may not have such good facilities but you could still potentially have a lot of fun without having to spend out. This could be great if one or all of you is a bit short of cash. You could experiment with free bingo sites and then pay to play once you find a site that you all like and know that you will enjoy playing together.

Many bingo websites have chat facilities and this means that you could organise with your friends to all play free bingo at the same time. You will then be able to meet up in the chat room and all play the game together. You may be able to chat during the games or between games, depending on how the site works. You can try different sites until you find one that you all like and know that you will enjoy playing together.

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