Mobile Casinos

Online casinos have firmly established themselves as a popular source of gambling entertainment. The recent growth in their popularity has been attributed to the spread of high speed internet into homes and of course the fact that more homes have computers. But these days the desk top computer is being replace with the laptop and even those are losing out to the new smart phone market that has made our phones better computers than the desktops we had a few years ago.

The gambling market is keeping up with this technology boom and many online casinos offer mobile gaming applications. These applications provide some of the most popular online games optimized to run on a mobile phone or smart phone so that players can play everything from poker to slots on their phone.

Now on many casinos the mobile casino works as a separate entity from the regular online casino, meaning that the mobile casinos often have their own bonuses and deposit offers to encourage you to play. And to help conserve space on your mobile phone, you’ll usually only download an app and you are good to go!

But what do you get with mobile casinos? Gambling on the go. Spending time on a train, bus or metro on your way to work? Now you can play slots or even engage in a little action with your poker friends during the commute. Do the children need to use the home computer for assignments? Instead of impatiently waiting for them to finish, you can catch the action at your favorite casino on your phone.

Now, I have to admit that overall, I’d rather play on my computer with a full size screen. But the mobile gaming apps aren’t meant to replace online gambling but to enhance it. So if you plan to travel a great deal or what to use your phone regularly for mobile gaming, you’ll want to choose a casino that offers both online gambling and mobile gaming as your favorite casino. That way you can enjoy the best of both worlds.