Taking a look at slot myths

They’re still out there. The slot myths that everyone hears and that we’re told to pay attention to when playing. Of course, most of us don’t believe them and some of them are just too strange for me to really take seriously. But there are a couple that still seem to affect how people play and a few that shows that most of us really don’t grasp the process of random numbers. Many of these are tied to love casinos, but since they reflect our grasp of the UK Slots themselves, I’m going to take a look at them too.

You step away from a machine and the person who takes your place wins the jackpot. It would have been yours if you just stayed there. That’s a myth that’s sometimes hard to get players to see because it seems to make more sense than the truth. Let’s take a look at blackjack. You leave a seat and someone sits down and wins a hand. Yes, if you’d stayed in that seat, you would have been dealt those cards because the dealer is pulling from a deck that doesn’t move around between each draw.  Slot games work more like the dealer threw the deck into the air and randomly plucked cards as the fell. See, the RNG or Random Number Generator for a slot game randomly generates the spin when the button is pushed. So, even if you’d stayed where you were, you’d have spun a second before or after the other player and the RNG would have generated a completely different and random result. Which brings me to …

Hot and Cold slots.  This is the myth that it’s hard to get people past. Generally they just need a little reassurance that the hot and cold coin myth isn’t true. Have you heard that one? It’s where people tell you that the temperature of the coin you place in the machine makes a difference when it comes to winning. Not only is that myth not true, it difficult even in a live casino to find a slot game that still takes actual coins. That doesn’t matter. Neither does whether you insert bills or a casino card. Oh, the denomination you play for can make a difference. Higher denomination machines often pay better than lower denomination. But how you get the money into the machine has no bearing on whether you’ll win or lose.

But let’s take a look at the hot or cold myth. It’s a simple one. If a machine is paying out, it’s hot and likely to turn cold. You should change machines when it does. Or if it’s cold, it has to turn hot, so just hang in there.  This myth comes about because we really have trouble grasping probability and think “well, I’ve been winning, so I’m due for downturn.” Or “well, I’ve been losing so things have to turn in my favor.”  Nope. The RNG determining the spin doesn’t take into account what happened in the last spin or the spins before that. Every event is completely random and unconnected. You might construct a pattern in your head. You might even think you see it in the machine. But it’s not really there.  Want to test this myth?  I suggest that you play free games when doing so. It’ll save you money but also, we are sometimes more objective when playing for free.

Now, it’s not important that you believe that hot and cold is a myth. What’s important is that you play as if they are a myth. Let me explain. One big problem slot players have is the idea that if they just keep playing, they’ll recoup their losses because that win is due to come in. Statistically speaking, if you keep playing, you’re more likely to lose more money.  But all you need to do to defeat this statistic is to set a limit on how much you’re going to play with before you ever start playing. No, that doesn’t mean you’re going to win. I’m just trying to keep you from losing more. Sometimes that’s the closest to winning we get. So, before you sit down to play slots, establish your bankroll and stick to it.